Stationery  Items
This range of Stationery Items includes display solution, packaging materials, cover for paper based documents etc. Made of PP, PVC and BOPP, these products are non-toxic grade, cost effective and recyclable.
Display Bags and Pouches
PVC or BOPP made Display Bags and Pouches are suitable for packaging and display of daily necessity items. These types of packaging solutions are mainly used in road side stalls and shops.
3 Side Gusseted Pouch

3 Side Gusseted Pouches are perfect for packaging of edible items. Made of recyclable quality BOPP, PET and PE materials, these visually appealing pouches are heat sealed to maintain original quality of packed items.

PVC Pouches
PVC Pouches with buttons and fixed hanger are suitable for displaying garments in different stores. Light in weight, these have transparent appearance. Biodegradable quality and reasonable price are their other features.
Laminated Pouches & Rolls
Laminated Pouches are suitable for packaging of hosiery items. Made of PVC or BOPP material, these packaging solutions are tear and stain protected. Gravure printed design and precise look are some of their key aspects.

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